If you go to my parents' house and pull the 1973 edition baby name book off their bookshelf, you'll find the handwritten pages of names they considered for their children. Including, this gem of a list where my dad attempted to combine his and mom's first and middle names to come up with names for his future children.
  1. Don + Judy= Donudy
  2. Don + Judy= Juddony
  3. Don + Judy= Judyon
  4. Don + Judy=Jon
    This one's actually kind of normal.
  5. Don+ Judy=Jud
    Also not bad. But it's on the list twice. It's not that good.
  6. Donald + Judith= Jodith
  7. Donald + Judith= Jodald
  8. Don + Judy= Donjud
  9. Don + Judy= Judidon
  10. Judy backwards= Yudy
  11. Donald+ Judy= Donaud
  12. Then he moved to middle names. Dean+ Ann= Deann
  13. Dean + Judy Ann = Duane
  14. Dean + Judy= Duean
  15. The other side of the paper has more serious name suggestions in my mom's handwriting.
    Including: Rodney, Jeffrey, Brad, Chad, Doug, Eric, Gregory, Renee, Greta, Jill, Emily, Angela, Nicole, Laura, Lisa.
  16. Photographic evidence of Dad's list
  17. And Mom's flip side