Our small southern town specializes in street festivals.
  1. The booths were pretty much equally divided between home improvement (windows, gutters, etc) and fall craft booths.
  2. German nuts!
  3. A street walking accordion player.
  4. There was also this man walking around in German garb. We were delighted to see him ride away on a motorcycle later.
  5. There was a weiner dog race happening later. We didn't stay for it.
  6. But we saw a lot of weiner dogs.
    This was my favorite. A weiner dog in a hot dog costume.
  7. Brautwurst and beers.
  8. There was a Bavarian band.
    Photo cred: @Cara_duhh
  9. But the song sheet they passed out was questionable.
  10. Also, there was this woodworking booth that carved old man faces into everything!
    Here are some walking sticks with old man faces.
  11. Closeup.
  12. Closeup.
  13. Closeup.
  14. Bonus! We ran into @KristyTolley and her fam!