Origami Li.stbot Visits the Carolinas

So far he was created by @solena and has visited @marceline , @andersun and @mallofamanda . Follow his travels here: Li.stbot travels
  1. I picked him and his suitcase up from the airport in Charlotte.
  2. And I was so happy to meet him!
  3. I got him settled into the guest room at my house in South Carolina.
  4. He made friends with the Genie.
  5. If you come to South Carolina, you've got to go to the beach, so I took li.stbot for a relaxing weekend of fun in the sun.
  6. He even got to go sailing.
    He was very brave to even attempt it, since water is deadly to origami robots. He's glad he lived to tell the tale!
  7. I took him to work with me and showed him around campus.
  8. The next weekend I took him to the North Carolina mountains.
  9. And then showed him around Charlotte.
  10. We visited the Carolina Panthers stadium.
  11. But once the Panther tried to eat li.stbot, we decided to jet out of there.
  12. I thought he might prefer staying in a castle at my sister's house, but he said he'd rather come home with me than stay with a non-lister.
  13. Of course, I also took him to meet @amieshmamie
  14. And he was pretty happy to chill with two li.sters at once.
  15. Where O where should Li.stbot go next?!?
  16. My contribution to li.stbot's luggage... a cross stitched portrait of the bot himself.