I love being photographed with giant things. I wish there were more.
  1. Static
    The world's largest office chair; Anniston, Alabama
  2. Static
    Fun fact: I hate watermelon. This is face is just for the picture. Drove past this on a road trip and had to do a U-Turn to be photographed with it. Found on the way to the beach in Mississippi.
  3. Static
    Giant Diet Coke found in the World of Coke in Atlanta, Georgia.
  4. Static
    With a giant lady bug at my sister's house.
  5. Static
    Giant Mickey Hat at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
  6. Static
    With giant Genie, my hero, at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
  7. Static
    It's just a giant picture of a baseball, but it's my favorite giant picture of a baseball. It's found at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.