If you're me...
  1. 👍🏼Pros👍🏼
  2. You can have a true day of rest. Sleep in. Read a little. Sleep some more.
  3. You can stay in your pajamas all day.
  4. You don't have to listen to you co-workers say "Don't get me sick!" when you start your hacking cough.
  5. You get to be horizontal a lot.
  6. 👎🏼Cons👎🏼
  7. You feel guilty as hell.
  8. You constantly ask yourself, between hacking coughs, "Am I really sick? Should I be at work right now?"
  9. You wonder if everyone at work is talking about you. "Jill? Oh she seemed fine yesterday... convenient that she's sick on a Friday..."
  10. You have to check your email at least occasionally because, like, what if something important happens and you're the only one who knows what to do?
  11. You have to cancel your evening plans.
    Like my mother always said when I was a kid, if you're too sick to go to school then you're too sick to see your friends after school.
  12. 😷Inevitably 😷
  13. Your guilt gets the better of you and you return to work too soon.
  14. You constantly ask yourself "Am I too sick to be at work?"
  15. Your hacking cough annoys your coworkers. Your coworkers' attempts to keep themselves from your sickness annoys you.