The choices characters make seem to be so severe and strong. Nothing is halfway. Maybe I don't understand because I've never been in love and never had kids? Not trying to hate. Just don't get it. Week 2 for @BookClub
  1. How does a mom, who seems to really love her son, send him to boarding school after one incident of misbehavior and then essentially never see him again?
    Not trying to judge here. Just confused.
  2. How did Lotto and Mathilde fall in love?
    It happens so quickly yet is so intense. I guess it's a physical thing. They just looked at each other? I keep going back to the scene in my mind trying to figure it out, and I don't get it.
  3. How does Lotto go from being the world's biggest player to the world's most faithful monogamist?
    It's just so abrupt. He flips a switch. I think it comes down to his love [worship] of Mathilde, but you'd think it would be harder.
  4. Why does Mathilde allow herself to get lost in this marriage?
    She gives up so much of herself to let Lotto shine. Is it out of guilt for the affair? Is it out of love? I just don't feel like I understand her very well. She's a mystery that will hopefully be cleared up a bit in the second half.
  5. What's the deal with Chollie?
    He seems like kind of a leach. And then how he orchestrated Lotto finding out about the affair was pure assholery.
  6. How does Leo, an acclaimed composer, go and kill himself after Lotto listens to one song of his and doesn't react?
    We do all think he killed himself, right?
  7. How is Lotto short for Lancelot?
    And why does Sallie think she's doing him a favor by getting him to be called Lotto instead of Lancelot?