This was via FaceTime. He doesn't take seriously. But if you do and you live in the southeast, join us at the meet up! Details here: Atlanta Meet-up and Reading RSVP + Sign-up and here: The Official Atlanta List App Meet-up/List Reading Extravaganza and here: Atlanta, Where Meet-Ups Don't Stop 'Til 8 In The Mornin'
  1. Him: What do you do at a list meet up?
    Me: We're going to read lists!
  2. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)
  3. Him: How did you get invited to this list meet?
    Me: Someone wrote a list about it!
  4. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)
  5. Him: So you weren't really invited, were you?
    Me: It was an open invitation!
  6. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)
  7. Me: Some of my favorite listers are going to be there!
  8. Him: Oh! So they're going to read lists you've already read, but now you'll get to hear them with their intonations? [sarcasm]
    Me: Yes!
  9. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)
  10. Him: Is the guy from the Office...
    Me cutting him off: No, B.J. Novak won't be there! But someone else who works at the List App will be, and he's List App famous!
  11. Him: But you probably won't get to talk to him if he's List App famous. [sarcasm]
    Me: There's only going to be like 20 or 30 people there!
  12. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)
  13. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)
  14. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)
  15. Static
    Him: (uproarious laughter)