* As portrayed in Netflix' The Crown. She seems like such a sweet girl. The actress who plays her does a great job.
  1. She is uneducated yet expected to interact with educated men and heads of state.
    Kudos to her for confronting her mother about her lack of education who couldn't see the problem and said "We taught you how to be a princess, what more could you have wanted?"
  2. Her husband seems to be having a difficult time with his position as the Queen's consort and takes it out on her by being mean and controlling.
    Things that raise his ire: having to leave the military so his wife can be queen of freaking England, not being able to pass on his adopted family name to his children because his wife's name is nothing less than royal, not getting his way with the coronation of his wife as she becomes the anointed ruler of the realm, having to walk behind his wife or kneel to her, even though she is the sovereign. I could probably write a whole list about his petulant, arrogant, demeaning & disrespectful ways.
  3. Every time she comes to a decision, usually a personal one, she is advised against it and strong armed into following tradition.
    Examples: When she wanted to keep her residence at Clarence House instead of moving to Buckingham, when she wanted to allow her sister to marry the man she loved, when she wanted to hire her own damn private secretary.