1. The impressions
  2. The quick wit
  3. The one-liners
  4. The ability to morph
  5. The dances
  6. The songs
  7. He was on the forefront of Disney's animation resurgence.
    There was a time (the 80s and decades before) when we didn't get a new wonderful animated Disney musical every year. They started with the Little Mermaid in 1989, followed by Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.
  8. Robin Williams
    The Genie introduced me to Robin Williams, and I got to know him by renting almost all of his movies after that. Robin Williams taught me about quick-witted comedy and of well-timed punch lines. He was incredibly funny; it just spurted out of him. But he was more than just jokes. He had heart too.
  9. He came to me at a formative age.
    I was 12 when Aladdin came out. I watched the movie so many times, I could recite every word. I loved the Genie so much that I bought an action figure. Then I bought a bank. Then a flashlight. Then a beach towel. It continued to escalate from there. I had my sister sew a Genie costume so I could be him for Halloween. I don't want to say I was obsessed with the Genie, because obsessed is a word that is way overused in our society, but I had strong feelings. See the picture, above for evidence.