I've been a customer for 19 years. There are reasons.
  1. The same guy has worked the front desk all day, everyday for 19 years (or more).
  2. He knows my name and what car I drive.
    He smiles when I walk in and says "Hey, Ms. Stuckey!" every time. For a while I thought he had a crush on me but eventually I realized he's just nice with good customer service skills.
  3. I can walk to work from the place. It's about six blocks.
    I drop it off in the morning and walk to work. I work all day and then walk back. It's one of the many secrets to my success as an independent female.
  4. They are honest.
    It's hard to explain how I know this, but through some past experiences, I do.
  5. They don't charge for tire rotations or alignment checks for regular customers.
    i.e. Me.
  6. When I casually told them I was shopping around for a new car a few years ago they asked me to bring the one I wanted by so they could check it out for me before I bought it.
    No charge.