Reasons Why Russ from Honey I Shrunk the Kids is the Perfect Guy

Rewatched it tonight and man does it hold up, almost thirty years later. (Psst available on Netflix and a big hit with my niece and nephew)
  1. His eyes
  2. Without thinking he leaps off of a flower stem onto the back of a moving bee to save the little brother of the girl he has a crush on and then proceeds to keep the brother safe during a harrowing flight around the yard.
  3. He knows artificial respiration and uses it to save Amy after bravely diving in after her in the rain puddle.
    He learned it in French Class, kid.
  4. He is a perfect gentleman and lets Amy have the Lego hole all to herself when they decide to make camp for the night.
  5. The way he wears this haircut.
  6. He looks like this now.