I've only been into podcasts for a year or so. Lately I've been trying to find new ones, and I realized I'm pretty picky. Here are my requirements.
  1. Have interesting voices.
    I hate silky smooth voices. What kind of robot are you? I can't see your face, so your voice needs to be able to give my imagination something to work with.
  2. Be approximately 30 minutes.
    Most of my commutes are 30 minutes, so it works out perfect. But also, if it's longer than an hour, you're really just rambling too much.
  3. Be funny.
    Laugh at each other. Make me laugh. Laughter should abound.
  4. Co-host chemistry.
    I want you to kind of adore each other. I want you to occasionally break out brief in praise for each other like you can't hold it back any more. I want you to make each other laugh.
  5. ✔️
    The one that meets all of my requirements.
  6. I'm open to any suggestions you have for me.