A great list request from @smallthings , and inspired to fulfill said request by making @jennifergster 's FRIEND GOALS list yesterday.
  1. Amie stands in wonder when looking at trees. She loves them so much.
  2. Amie hates ice cream.
  3. Amie believes you can accomplish anything if you start by putting on tennis shoes.
  4. Amie is always late and is horrible about returning things she's borrowed; on the flip side, Amie is always extremely apologetic about being late and very generous in letting anyone borrow anything from her indefinitely.
  5. Amie can talk to anyone and make them feel special.
  6. Amie hates Anne Hathaway.
  7. Amie showers about once a week and doesn't understand what's wrong with that.
  8. Amie is extremely, overly sensitive to loud noises, smells and bright lights.
  9. Amie is a grill master.