1. That the possibility of a Bigfoot creature exists
    I don't know for sure that he is out there. All I'm saying is that while there are still unexplored forests, he could be lurking.
  2. That I will never be bitten by a shark.
    I love the ocean. I swim in it every chance I get. I do not believe that sharks want to harm me. Jellyfish are a different story.
  3. That my dog can understand English.
    If she doesn't understand me, then why do I talk to her all the time?
  4. That someone's going to win the lottery and it could be me.
    I'm not stupid. I understood the odds last week. It seems crazy impossible that all those numbers would line up, plus the powerball for a big payday. But I also know someone's got to win, and it doesn't hurt to toss a few bucks in so that it could possibly be me.
  5. Everyone loves it when I sing off-key in the office.