Requested by @BWN_7
I think I'm technically ranking houses, here, rather than streets.
  1. Paces Landing
    2nd apt. Nothing special.
  2. Hidden Creek
    Moved into my friend's townhome. Nicer than my apartments but with a roommate. But I lived here for a short time while I was in grad school so all I remembered is how much I studied here. Also I helped her paint every room.
  3. Fox Hound Rd
    Middle school/High school house. I could spy on the neighbor boys from my sister's window. I had the bonus room as my bedroom, so it was huge and had skylights and blue carpet. I technically had to share the big room with my older sister but she was away at college most of the time.
  4. Pepper Ridge
    First apartment. Apartment was average. Loved being out own, finally. Loved that my best friend lived within walking distance. Loved being able to walk to Target. Eventually got too expensive.
  5. Clemmon Cir
    My house that I own and live in currently. I love it so much, I guess because it is mine? Because it is my refuge? I also love my neighborhood, even though the neighbors can get a little nosy.
  6. Cedarbrooke Dr.
    Childhood home. Could walk to the pool. Could walk to school. Had an awesome backyard with a hammock and a fort.