Both happened May 2, 1998, but that's not where the similarities end.
  1. ⚡Battle of Hogwarts: The will-they/won't-they romantic tension between Ron and Hermione was resolved with a passionate kiss. It was a will-they.
  2. 👗My senior prom: The will-they/won't-they tension between me and the boy I had a crush on was resolved when he asked a sophomore to prom, and I went with Brandon, my gay best friend. It was a won't-they.
  3. ⚡️Battle of Hogwarts: Hermione stabbed the Hufflepuff cup Horcrux, destroying another piece of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named's soul.
  4. 👗My senior prom: I stabbed my date, Brandon, in the chest, trying to pin on his boutonnière.
  5. ⚡️Battle of Hogwarts: McGonnagall brought the suits of armor and statues of Hogwarts to life and asked them to defend the school!
  6. 👗My senior prom: My friends and I turned into statues waiting for our parents to get tired of taking pictures, and asked them to please let us go to prom!
  7. ⚡Battle of Hogwarts: Crabbe set the Room of Requirement ablaze with Fiendfyre.
  8. 👗My senior prom: Brandon and I set the dance floor ablaze with our moves. 🔥🔥
  9. ⚡Battle of Hogwarts: Many beloved characters were slain at the hands of Death Eaters.
  10. 👗My senior prom: Brandon and I slayed on the dance floor of the after party.
  11. ⚡Battle of Hogwarts: The Grey Lady revealed all her secrets about her mother's diadem.
  12. 👗My senior prom: I revealed all my secrets with a very low-cut dress.
  13. ⚡Battle of Hogwarts: It was revealed that Snape had been misunderstood throughout the series when Harry observes his actual memories in the Penseive.
  14. 👗My senior prom: It was revealed that the Prom committee had misunderstood my friend Brent's prom theme suggestion when he suggested Green Day's Time of Your Life, but the decorations observed in the ballroom were actually Time of Your Life from Dirty Dancing.
  15. ⚡Battle of Hogwarts: Harry sacrifices himself for the good of his friends, even though it is scary.
  16. 👗My senior prom: I sacrificed myself by agreeing to watch all of the Halloween movies with my friends after the after party, even though scary movies scare me.
  17. ⚡️Battle of Hogwarts: Harry is carried back into the castle in Hagrid's arms.
  18. 👗My senior prom: I am carried to prom in the backseat of my friend Jennifer's date's red Mustang.
  19. ⚡Battle of Hogwarts: Ends at sunrise with the satisfaction of vanquishing of Voldemort.
  20. 👗My senior prom: Ends at sunrise with the satisfaction that it was the best night of our young lives.
  21. Static
    Unrelated, but this is our Romy and Michelle pose. He was the Romy to my Michelle.