The Beauty I Found in Beauty and the Beast

Alternate title: My favorite things about the new movie, which I loved. No spoilers beyond what you might read in an article promoting the movie. The only things I didn't love were the absence of Angela Lansbury's voice and the way they chose to represent the feather duster.
  1. Emma Watson as Belle
    Are you surprised? She was perfect.
  2. Little changes from the original.
    One example is that Belle is the inventor and Maurice is an artist (Kevin Kline as Maurice was wonderful). None of them felt out of place or harmed the story. Only made it more interesting.
  3. Yet things remained the same.
    So much was so similar to the animated movie, it was fun to notice callbacks and also just get lost in the story you loved.
  4. The sets
    The castle was beautiful, the furniture and props, exquisite.
  5. The cinematography
    It's beautifully shot. So many gorgeous scenes.
  6. Cogsworth
    I thought I'd be put off by the live action animated inanimate objects but I wasn't at all. Cogsworth was my favorite.