My 10-year-old niece Julia has been begging her mom, my sister, for a dog. She's also homeschooled, so her mom assigned her a research paper on the benefits of dog ownership. She didn't cite her sources, but here's what she reported:
  1. They are there for you.
    If you decide to play with your dog, you won't find out later that he/she is at other dog's house at the last minute.
  2. Dogs motivate you to workout.
    For example, if you're acting like a couch potato, your dog may start to bark so you think I will take him/her for a walk.
  3. A dog can read your voice and body language.
    So if for example if you are sad your dog can read it in the way you act and either act sad too or maybe even lick your face.
  4. If you grew up with a dog, you are less likely to develop allergies because you were around fur.
  5. If you have a dog, you might get better sleep because a dog reduces stress levels.
  6. People who have a dog next to them while they work have lower stress levels.
  7. If you play with a dog or mess with his tail or ears he will forgive and forget where as a human will hold a grudge.
  8. Dogs will hold a bond
    For example if you were very mean to your dog as a child, it might end up always barking at you where as if you were kind it will love you forever.
  9. People with a dog get diseases less likely because dogs have more germs than us so being around germs more helps us build up a defense to germs.
  10. Dogs can smell cancer and could probably save your life by warning you ahead of time you have cancer.
  11. You are less likely to have a heart attack if you have a dog.
  12. Dogs have your back.