Originally written for her birthday in 2012, but updated for 2016. Happy birthday @amieshmamie !🎂 🍔🎉
  1. She is generous to a fault.
  2. She has watched the Harry Potter movies more than anyone I know.
  3. She loves to boogie board until her stomach is raw.
  4. As a middle five, she is the glue that holds us together.
  5. She believes heaven will be catching pop flys all day.
  6. She loves her dad soooo much.
  7. She's good with teens, kids, babies and adults.
  8. She hates dogs, but agreed to get one to make her husband happy and now she accepts her as part of the family.
  9. She would always rather be reading.
  10. She is the best book recommender I've ever met.
  11. She really tries to be like Jesus.
  12. She prefers to only read fantasy, but didn't even know that about herself until someone told her that each book she loves is fantasy.
  13. She invented jumping pictures.
  14. Party planning is one of her greatest skills.
  15. Also, she juggles.
  16. She jumped out of an airplane with me.
  17. Our birthdays are two days a part.
  18. She thinks I am really funny.
  19. She once saved a child's life during a llama attack.
  20. She is an amazing photographer.
  21. She teaches only the really exciting subjects like Roman history or space.
  22. She is an amazing travel partner.
  23. We all know, "everybody loves Amie Berryhill."
  24. She has the best intentions.
  25. She planned a three-day extravaganza for my 34th birthday, that involved a birthday activity for every letter of the alphabet, took pictures of each event and made a scrapbook of it, all of this just four weeks after giving birth to her first child.
  26. She is Team Gale (someone has to be.)
  27. She loves to be outside.
  28. She loves trees.
  29. She loves cool, old things.
  30. She makes the best chocolate chip pancakes of anyone I know.
  31. She makes a fresh pan of brownies (or, now, melt-in-your-mouth-cookies) whenever anyone comes to visit.
  32. She's not a complainer.
  33. She cooks food for me regularly.
  34. She understands.
  35. She really believes she can do any physical feat. And she can with little to no training.
  36. She walks each visitor to the door when they leave.
  37. All of my best book recommendations to other people came from her.
  38. She Skypes friends who live far away (first, Stephanie, now the Murrays).
  39. She can pee outside.
  40. She laughs a lot.
  41. Everybody wants to be her friend.
  42. She is a great modge podger.
  43. She is respected by all who know her.
  44. She puts together great Halloween costumes.
  45. She's very smiley.
  46. She's almost always positive.
  47. I always have lots of things to tell her.
  48. She invented the word textvite.
  49. She listened when I told her to download the List App and to listen to Hamilton.
  50. We fell in love with Vienna at the same time, but separately.
  51. She will listen to country music played in my car.
  52. She commented on my blog more than anyone else.
  53. She missed my blog when I didn't post regularly and would tell me that.
  54. She loves scarves.
  55. She hates winter.
  56. She hates skiing.
  57. She really loves specific foods like crepes, Nutella, cheeseburgers, and this one particular brand of gluten-free break and bake cookies.
  58. She re-lists every single one of my lists, thus giving them a boost from her hundreds more followers.
  59. We each have two sisters and one brother.
  60. We're such great friends that sometimes we forget that we can have different opinions. And it shocks us when we do.
  61. She knows how to celebrate a birthday.
  62. We love all of the same people
  63. She can beast a mud run.
  64. She loves the ocean.
  65. She could teach a course called "Costumes in the Classroom."
  66. She is my favorite person to tell stories to or with.
  67. She laughs at my jokes.
  68. She really, really loves when the Eiffel Tower twinkles at night.
  69. She loves asking our friend Bryan England to explain science stuff.
  70. She's great at finding treasures at yard sales or Goodwill.
  71. She has an impeccable sense of direction.
  72. She loves maps.
  73. She loves her family.
  74. She spent her first year of college in France.
  75. She becomes another person when shopping a Primark.
  76. She loves hammocks.
  77. She's willing to try a tri.
  78. She's a great letter writer.
  79. She even decorates the envelopes.
  80. She enjoys summer night air.
  81. She doesn't waste time with things like showering or cleaning out her car.
  82. She is really strong.
  83. She got really, really invested in LOST about five years after everyone else.
  84. She sleeps well.
  85. She is crafty.
  86. She always packs an abundance of food for a three hour hike.
  87. I can show up at her house crying and she will take me in, give me a long hug and offer me wine, freshly baked cookies and a listening ear.
  88. She is an optimist.
  89. She's extremely agreeable.
  90. She can French braid hair.
  91. When she believes in something, she believes very strongly.
  92. She takes care of the earth.
  93. She is an amazing Mafia player and a stone-cold liar.
  94. She does not think it is weird to have many friends who are significantly younger than you.
  95. She is a free spirit.
  96. She is very supportive.
  97. She once literally gave me the gift of music- she gave me a karaoke machine.
  98. She's my favorite person to race cheer with.
  99. She loves me and the rest of her friends and family so well.