I had the best dream last night.
  1. I won a contest to go see Hamilton on Broadway and go backstage to meet the cast.
    The definition of a dream.
  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda was there and when he met me he asked if I could sub in for the actress who plays Peggy/Mariah Reynolds that night. He could tell instantly I was full of talent.
    Normally I'm more of Angelica, but I jumped at the opportunity.
  3. I had a few hours to kill so I went to Central Park to ride the merry-go-round.
    It was literally right across the street from the Richard Rogers theatre. (Not irl)
  4. I was just taking in the sights on the merry-go-round when I look over and see Lin-Manuel Miranda sprinting towards me with a gigantic smile on his face.
    A beautiful sight even though he still had his long hair in the dream. It fluttered behind him.
  5. He gets to me and says "we just decided. After tonight's show, we'd like you to become a permanent member of the company. And I was so excited, I had to run here to tell you as soon as possible."
    I squealed and jumped up and he lifted me down from the merry-go-round in that romantic movie way that men do in romantic movies. (Please tell me you know what I'm talking about here or I will be forced to describe it in more graphic detail in the comments)
  6. We went back to the theatre and I discovered the dressing room is just one large room in the balcony of the theatre. Everyone has their own little space in it and the bigger the role, the bigger your space/more furniture you have.
    Since I was a newb, I got a rolling desk chair only. The cast members with larger parts had dressers or vanities. All of this furniture is just scattered about this empty room.
  7. The other Schulyer sisters (still the original cast members, as I don't know what the new people look like) were very nice and welcoming.
    They showed me my corset and my dress, which was gorg, and then put them back where they go.
  8. Hours pass as I wait for the show to start. I consider posting a Facebook status that says "I'm so excited to be making my Broadway debut tonight"
    But decide not to because I figure people will think I mean it in a corny way —like I'm gonna walk down Broadway and pose for a funny picture (To be fair, I probably would do this if I weren't about to make my literal Broadway debut.)
  9. The show's about to start so essentially the whole cast except me goes down to the stage, dressed and ready.
    I'm not in the first song.
  10. As they start the show, I start to get ready, because Schulyer Sisters will be up soon.
    I've got to be ready with my attitude-iest "And Peggy!"
  11. But I can't find my dress or corset anywhere!
    The girls put them back where they go earlier, and I watched them, but I can't remember where that was!
  12. Panic sets in quickly.
    I start digging through all the drawers in everyone's dressers.
  13. I eventually find my corset.
    It actually looks like two sandbags that go around my waist, instead of what a corset looks like. Is this a dream metaphor for the trappings of femininity? Discuss amongst yourselves.
  14. Then I have to worry (with horror) that it won't fit.
    I am much larger than Jasmine Cephas-Jones, the usual Peggy.
  15. Fortunately, it does fit. They made a larger one just for me.
    So then I'm tearing up the dressing room, still looking for my dress, wearing only my personal underwear/bra and this sandbag corset (sorry for the visuals, but it was also very real like this in the dream).
  16. I keep finding costumes from other shows.
    There are multiple Belle costumes from Beauty and the Beast. Each time I find a Belle dress, I think it's my Peggy dress because it also has a big hoop skirt, but then I realize it's not.
  17. I missed my entrance for Schulyer Sisters.
    Because the dressing room is so far from the stage no one comes to warn me it's coming up or anything. But I can see the stage from the dressing room's balcony, so I know I missed it.
  18. Eventually Lin comes looking for me because I didn't show up for my first song.
    The cast improvised and it was kind of okay with only two Schulyer sisters. Let's face it, Peggy didn't add a whole lot.
  19. Lin helps me search for my dress. (Yes, I'm still in my underwear and corset, but we're v. v. professional.)We're getting closer and closer to my big song, Say No to This, so we're both getting frantic.
    He eventually says, I don't care if it's your actual costume or not. Just find a dress and get down to the stage! (Not said in anger, but desperation)
  20. So I throw on a purple chiffon number that is definitely not period-appropriate (at least not the period when our country was young, scrappy and hungry).
    I get to the stage just as Say No this Ends. The actress who plays Eliza sung it (THIS MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE PLOT WISE)
  21. But then Javier Muñoz, the actor who plays Hamilton now that Lin has moved on, sees me in the wings and makes a decision.
    He goes back on stage, announces to the audience that I was supposed to be Mariah Reynolds, but I just arrived, so they're just going to have to sing that song over again.
  22. So we sing it, me in my purple chiffon, him in his post-revolutionary war garb.
    And it was HOT. 🔥 🔥 🔥
  23. Afterwards everyone in the cast is still so nice to me, even though I essentially ruined the show in more than one way.
    The girls show me where the costume is stored so I'll know for next time. I swear I opened that drawer in my frantic search and it wasn't there earlier!?!
  24. I walk away, happy, but also feeling like a failure?
    Hard to describe.