The Increasing Escalation of a Cold Call Salesperson's Attempts to Get Me to Respond

I hope none of you are the type of salespeople that have to cold call people with relentless abandon. If you are, I hope you'll forgive me for continuing to ignore this person.
  1. First email
    If she's contacted me before, I don't remember it. Also, I'm not involved with PR at all, and my title does not in anyway indicate that I am. I get so many emails each day that when one comes like this that requires no action on my part and a one second skim read, I delete and move on.
  2. Second email
    Emails do get buried, unless I deleted them like I did yours.
  3. Third email
    So, I'm not responding to your emails and you think a quick call is the solution?
  4. Fourth email
  5. Fourth Email, part 2
    I give you points for your creativity, but actually engaging with you scares the shit out of me.
  6. PS I checked with the actual PR people to see if they were also getting these emails, and they are.