@amieshmamie actually requested all of the times I've been pulled over by a cop, but most of them aren't interesting. and I can't really remember them all. I think I'm into double digits on the number of times I've been pulled over.
  1. The Time I Got Pulled on The Road Across from The High School on the Way to School and Everyone Saw and Kept Asking Me What Happened So I Got Up and Drew Them A Diagram in First Period English
    Aka The Time I Had to Go to a JunkYard as Punishment to Learn the Lesson that Speed Kills
  2. The Time I Got the Do You Want to Live To See Your 18th Birthday? Speech From the Cop
  3. The Time I Was Dancing With Such Freedom That the Cop Driving in Front of Me Could Tell in His Rearview That I Wasn't Wearing a Seat Belt
  4. The Time I Was Pulled Over as Part of a Sting Operation Because It Is Impossible to Drive 35-Miles-Per-Hour While Going Down a Huge Hill
  5. The Time I Worked Full Time and Went to Grad School at Night and Then Got a Ticket for Speeding Home
  6. The Time New Year's Eve Ended with a Ticket Instead of a New Year's Kiss