Request stems from the fifth bullet in this list:THE BROADWAY DEBUT OF MY DREAMS!
  1. Okay, first the romantic movie lift and lower™ has nothing to do with merry-go-rounds. That's just where I happened to be in my dream.
  2. Second, I just spent many minutes searching for gifs to visually show it to you, but could not find a one.
  3. So here's my attempt to describe it in words:
  4. It's when the man lifts the woman down off of something, and she kind of slides down the front of him until she's on the ground and they're face to face. Full frontal contact.
  5. With some supporting pictures.
  6. Static
    Dirty Dancing
  7. Static
    While You Were Sleeping
  8. Static
    The Notebook- This one's not a great example because she didn't need to be lifted down. She just jumps up on him to kiss him.
  9. Are you picking up what I'm putting down?