Inspired by @ana and her great list here: THE STORY OF MY PARENTS
  1. My mom grew up in a small Illinois town that her family had lived in since the end of the Civil War.
    Her family ran the town's funeral home.
  2. My dad moved to that town in fourth grade, and they went to the same school.
    His mom was one of very few working mothers at the time —she was a teacher. His dad had run a grocery store and was now a bread delivery man.
  3. In eighth grade, they went to the school dance together. This was 1961.
  4. The school dance was a one time thing.
  5. They went to junior high and high school together but didn't really run in the same circles. They graduated high school in 1966.
    They're celebrating their 50th high school reunion this year.
  6. They went to same university. Still didn't really interact much.
  7. At Christmas Eve service during their senior year of college, they were both at church at the town's United Methodist Church.
    They had both grown up in this church.
  8. My dad, instead of listening to the service, was thinking about who he should ask out for New Year's Eve.
  9. He looked a few rows ahead of him and saw little Judy Johnson, and decided she'd make a good new year's date.
  10. The rest was history. They dated for a year and half and got married in June 1971.
  11. Dad wanted to be a college professor but stopped once he realized how expensive kids are and switched to retail management.
  12. Mom was a teacher and wanted to be a school librarian until she had kids and became a stay-at-home mom.
  13. The kids came in 1973 (sister, Amy), 1975 (brother, Todd), 1980 (me!), and 1988 (sister, Mandy).
  14. Oh and now there's grandkids too.
    They're a bit bigger than this now.
  15. Static