An exaggeration, for sure. Really just a story of my stupidity. Inspired by @gwcoffey
  1. I had an internship in the big city, which means I had to get up early and get dressed in the dark while my roommate slept.🌚
  2. I decided to make a bagel for breakfast and toast it in my roommate's toaster oven.
  3. The toaster oven was illegal, according to dorm standards.🚫
  4. It was also located on a wooden dresser, underneath my roommate's wooden lofted bed.
  5. I wrapped the bagel in a paper towel and put it in the oven while I finished getting ready.
  6. I smelled something, turned around, and saw a giant ball of fire in the toaster oven located under my roommate's sleeping body. 🛌🔥
  7. I rushed over, pulled on the edge of the paper towel that wasn't on fire. 🔥
  8. And it promptly dropped to the floor, where my roommate had put her lavender rug.🔥
  9. I stomped on the flaming bagel until the fire went out.🔥
  10. I fanned the area with a towel for about three minutes to help disperse the smoke. 🌫
  11. Fire alarms never went off.
  12. Then I left for my internship.💼
  13. My roommate slept through it all. 🛌
  14. I got halfway to the city and was so wracked with guilt I turned around and went back just to double check I didn't miss stomping out any tiny burning embers.
  15. I was relieved to see the building still standing when I got back. 🏢
  16. Upon my entering the room, my roommate woke up groggily and said "What's that burning smell?"
  17. I said "Nothing, go back to sleep."
  18. I double checked that I had left no burning embers behind and then I left for work the second time.💼
  19. I explained to her what happened when I got home at the end of the day.
  20. I ruined my roommate's rug, but I never bought her a new one.
  21. After college, when she bought a house, she asked me to be her roommate again, despite this incident. 🏡
  22. However, amongst my college friends and my family, I will never live down the fact that I put a paper towel in a toaster oven and thought it would be okay.
  23. I maintain that I had no way of knowing it would set the paper towel on fire, as we did not have a toaster oven growing up and it had no open flame.
  24. And sometimes I have very little common sense.