Inspired by @bexbexbex
  1. Circa 1999, my roommate, Jen, and I were on the way back to our dorm from Walmart,
  2. Where I had purchased a cd single of Sixpence None the Richer's Kiss Me.
  3. We were listening to it on repeat, crooning along.
  4. 🎶"Oh, Kiss me. Beneath the milky twilight. Lead me. Out on the moonlit floor." 🎶
  5. When traffic started slowing to a stop all around us.
  6. I looked out my window just as an ostrich ran by, just barely fitting between my truck and the car next to me.
  7. Slowly, Jen and I turned to look at each other like "Did you just see what I just saw?"
  8. We looked back out the window.
  9. And a man, pedaling furiously, rode past on a bicycle, chasing the ostrich.
  10. The ostrich and the man disappeared just as quickly as they appeared.
  11. Traffic started moving again.
  12. And now, every time I hear "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer I think of that strange day, the ostrich, and his bicycle riding friend.