1. @olivziv is "worth the data, y'all."
  2. @marymurphy paid @joemurphy in Capri Suns, Little Debbies and something to do with honey to drive four hours round trip to bring her.
    It was worth it.
  3. @mallofamanda was a funny host, and I would very much like to see her do stand up someday.
  4. @halima saying "gross sack of garbage" will keep me laughing for the next ten minutes.
  5. I never want to be a park ranger thanks to @sarasummers212
  6. At a live li.st reading a snap works great as a bullet point.
    Thanks, @julezbook
  7. I want to be like @bware427 when I grow up.
  8. That you can take @amieshmamie out of the classroom but you can't take the classroom out of @amieshmamie
    The Sit Down If game killed and we were all schooled by li.st newbie @mollygayle SIT DOWN IF...
  9. @Nicholas is a good hugger and a generous guy.
  10. What a thirst follow is
  11. @shainadesai is so lovely and she will open her home to li.st friends who fly in from out of town for li.st meet ups.
  12. That @mirthnuts gets dating advice from "BJ's uncle."
  13. Spending the day making an Arnold Schwarzenegger cut out so your best friend will be recognized at the meet up was totally worth it.
    Arnold's muscles aren't just for @amieshmamie anymore.
  14. The best way to describe a li.st meet up to people who aren't on list is as a "free comedy show."
    Thanks @joemurphy . I really struggled with that.
  15. @marymurphy doesn't need gifs to be the funniest person in the room.
  16. Listers IRL are just as kind, beautiful and hilarious as they are on li.st.
    Seriously, I've never laughed that hard that much in one night.