1. Book club on Friday!
    With a book that I loved with my whole heart... The Boston Girl!
  2. Summer hours at work start next week!
    Hello to leaving at 11:30 am on Fridays!
  3. li.st meet up in Atlanta next week! Join us!
  4. Day trips to the beach with my friends this summer!
    3 hours each way, but worth it!
  5. Summer afternoons at the pool with my nieces and nephews!
    Doing all kinds pool tricks, games and feats of strength!
  6. Dixie Chicks concert in August!
    Because I, too, need Wide Open Spaces!
  7. Hamilton going on tour and coming to Charlotte in 2017!
    I am not throwing away my shot!
  8. Some day taking a vacation again!
    No vacation plans right now but plenty of vacation dreams!
  9. Paying off my house!
    In 10 years, but I've got my eyes on the prize!