Unranked. Alternate title: Into It!
  1. The latest Great Debates episode, Donut loves Dave.
    Both debates were hilarious but nothing made me laugh harder than Hely reading descriptions of erotica best sellers.
  2. The newest episode of Workaholics, which I watched this morning: Monstalilbooyah.
    I laughed so much. A little kelp!
  3. The f'ing progress I've made on the Hamilton cross stitch @dreadpiratemama gave me for Secret Santa.
    I added the little noses and smiles today after weeks of them being faceless, and it's just making so giddy. (Please excuse Mariah being only half done.)
  4. I finally finished my photo book for my Hawaii trip.
    It took hours, but it is beautiful and contains lots of rainbows. 🌈
  5. This hoodie I designed and a friend made for me with a Cricut machine.
    It's so comfy. I'm just wishing the six more weeks of winter thing was actually going to happen.
  6. Planning my sister's bachelorette beach weekend.
    No pictures because she sometimes checks the app, but I've got a relaxed and fun event in the works. Stuff I've ordered started arriving today!
  7. The NY Times crossword app
    I've recently gotten very into crossword puzzles.
  8. This star lantern I bought at the Honolulu Swap Meet
    It transforms the ambiance of my room at bedtime, and is by far my favorite souvenir.
  9. Static
  10. Local