Some of you are too young to remember much of the last century, so let me tell you about the hardships of old days. We...
  1. Looked up movie times in the newspaper
  2. Watched tv on only 4 channels of television instead of 400
  3. Watched tv shows when they aired or taped them on a VHS or didn't watch them at all
  4. Drove to a store called Blockbuster to rent VHS tapes.
  5. Rewound cassettes and VHS tapes before being able to listen/watch them again
  6. Bought whole albums to hear one song you liked unless you lucked out and found the single in a brick and mortar store
  7. Taped songs off of the radio to make the perfect mix tape (What you might call a "playlist"); always had a little bit of the DJ talking over the top of the song
  8. Had to get off the internet whenever mom needed to make a phone call
  9. Occasionally answered the phone at the same time as someone else in your house and had to wait until he or she hung up the extension before you could have a private conversation
  10. Looked up information in encyclopedias
  11. Were unable to be reached by friends and family when traveling in a car from one destination to another
  12. Took pictures on something called "film"; waited for up to two weeks while it was sent away to be developed before knowing what the picture looked like
  13. Wrote lists on paper
  14. Licked stamps, before putting them on paper envelopes to mail.