Thoughts on Sex and the City

I'm currently in season five of my first time viewing the show. @Diplomatic_diva @Lisa_Fav
  1. I identified early on that I am a lot like Miranda, and I hated it.
    She's sarcastic and a little mean, she judgmental and set in her ways. When Steve moves in she can't share her space with him and is bitchy to him. She has the worst haircuts.
  2. As the series continued, I came to understand that Miranda is one of the best characters.
    She tells it like it is. She doesn't stand for bullshit. She supports her friends better than anyone. She's not incredibly self absorbed. She has a great career and a great life.
  3. But I actually think Samantha is the best of them all.
    Not because of the wild and plentiful sex, which is probably what you think of first when you think of Samantha. It's her confidence, self-assuredness and her ability to tell it like it is that draws me to her. She's no bullshit, and she doesn't care what you think. She does this thing where she squares her shoulders and marches off whenever she has to do something difficult, kind of like she's marching into battle, that I love. I would never want to battle with Samantha.
  4. This isn't really a story about sex. It's about friendship. And the City. But I don't think Friendship and the City would've sold to HBO.
    When one episode discusses soul mates, Carrie and the ladies come to the conclusion that they each have three soulmates and that men are just fun to have around.
  5. My favorite example of friendship on the show is this scene:
    Charlotte's upset because she can't get pregnant, and she meets the accidentally pregnant Miranda on the street. She stalks away, angry and upset and sad, and Miranda follows her home to make sure she's okay. They don't walk together. Miranda follows at a distance and the voiceover says "even though she never turned back, Charlotte knew Miranda was behind her". It sounds cheesy written here, but it was beautiful to watch. I think I cried.
  6. It's interesting how Carrie is each of the other three girls' best friend. But none of them are great friends with any of the others.
    Carrie is the definite hub of this group, even though she's not much of a friend to them. I mean, she's good for a laugh, but she's very self-absorbed. Miranda even calls her on it a few times.
  7. I'm not a fashion person, but I've loved noting Carrie's wardrobe through the seasons. It's beautiful for the most part. The giant flower trend was gorgeous! Her arms are so toned they look great in everything! And I remember some of these things (like the butterfly necklace) becoming big trends because of the show.
    The only thing is she's got a thing with showing her bra that I just can't get behind. So many see-through shirts! So many bra straps! So many shirts that cut away to show the bra! Once or twice she went out in just a bra and a skirt. They're always pretty, and it's sexy I guess, but I'm too much of a grandma. I just want to tell her to cover up in public.
  8. Aiden>Big
    I do not see the appeal of Big. He's not nice to Carrie. He uses her over and over again and she keeps going back to him. Aiden is incredibly kind and gorgeous and handy and yes, different from Carrie. She seems to think that's a problem, but in my life all of the best relationships I've seen are the opposites attract kind. Also, having to go to a country house with him every once in awhile should not be a big deal. Enjoy the change of scenery, Carrie!
  9. The men in this show aren't your typical hot-bodied Hollywood actors.
    These days every show has only unbelievably attractive men on them. I'm not sure if it's because this show is older and things have changed in TV land since, or if SATC intentionally cast more realistic-looking men. It was jarring at first, but now I appreciate it.
  10. I am confused by the voice overs and Carrie's column. If she is publishing every thing she's writing down I can't believe any of the men or friends stick around.
  11. I think Miranda and Steve might be the greatest love story of the whole show.
  12. Smith coming in and shaving his beautiful head for Samantha who was going through chemo melted my heart.
  13. Samantha at the cancer benefit! So inspirational! One of my favorite scenes of the whole series!
  14. My favorite single girl rant in the whole show.
    When Carrie goes on about buying other people presents for wedding showers, weddings, baby showers but not getting presents in return because of her life choices. She says something like, "where's the gifts for the single gal? Why don't we get flatware for going on vacation alone?"
  15. I can't believe it but I finished the series.
    In the end, I came around on my opinion of Big (but when you're comparing him to stupid Alexander Petroski, of course your opinion of Big is bound to improve .) I loved it so much. Thanks for your comments @Diplomatic_diva @jennifer1482 @Boogie @jennifergster @angela3950 @calliestorie @noemimacias @nikkilounoel @k8zinker @SpaceCase @medesigntoo @kate81 Now the question is do I watch the movies? All I ever hear is how bad they are!