Almost every year my family visits my parents' hometown of Effingham, Illinois. Mainly to see my granny who is a 96-year-old inspiration, but also a bunch of my cousins, aunts and uncles who still live there. These are the things we usually do while we're there.
  1. We visit the funeral home.
    This is a picture of it from the 1950s, I think. It's been our family's business since 1870. My cousin Patrick runs it now.
  2. We discuss how my cousin Patrick is such a good boy.
    Even though he's 27 now.
  3. We talk about how my cousin Maddie sings so well.
  4. We refer to things with cardinal directions.
    On the north side of town...
  5. We reminisce about buildings that have been torn down for more than 30 years.
    Mainly, I listen while my parents/aunts/uncles reminisce.
  6. I get asked if I'm driving a stick shift these days.
    My Uncle Dennis taught me how to drive a stick shift 20 years ago, but I haven't driven one since.
  7. We drive past cornfields.
  8. We get ice cream at the Homewood Grill.
    Unless it's winter, but we almost never visit in winter.
  9. I have to explain my job, even though I've had the same one for 10+ years.
    They remember I work at a college...but they are usually under the mistaken impression that I'm a professor.
    A lot of old people means a lot partially deaf people.