Today is @amieshmamie 's half birthday 🎉! Knowing @amieshmamie has made me a better person. Here are just a few of the differences she's made in my life. To know Amie is to love her. Without her...
  1. I would never have realized how much better warm brownies are than cold.
  2. I wouldn't appreciate the beauty of trees.
  3. I wouldn't have a kick-ass galley wall or interestingly-arranged book shelves.
  4. I wouldn't recycle as much. ♻️
  5. I would shower more.
  6. I maybe would never have tried buffalo sauce, now one of my great loves.
  7. I'd still be drinking white wine instead of red.
  8. I would never have known the joy of jumping pictures.
    These are my co-workers whom I infected with the joy of jumping pictures.
  9. I never would have convinced anyone to read The Martian if she hadn't pointed out to me that I was selling it all wrong.
    Me describing it: it's really good, but it's got a lot science and math. Amie describing it: it's so funny! I laughed out loud a bunch!
  10. I would never have heard the term "Grandboss" or "textvite," both of which she invented.
  11. I wouldn't recognize the things I'm best at without her pointing them out to me.
  12. I would never know that I'm an ISTJ because I always forget my Meyers Briggs results and she reminds me.
  13. I wouldn't love spinach.
  14. Let's face it; if she hadn't followed my lead in joining and becoming completely obsessed with, I probably wouldn't have stayed long. Plus, she quickly surpassed me in terms of success and glory, and then used her celebrity to relist me into gaining a certain amount of success for myself.
  15. I would not feel nearly as loved. Amie speaks love into my life so often, and I wouldn't be the same without her.