I love us.
  1. We laugh loud.
  2. We laugh until someone is snorting or peeing.
  3. We hug long. We hug hard.
  4. We overdecorate for Christmas.
  5. We make a considerable amount of fart and/or poop jokes.
  6. We get up early.
  7. We have appetizer supper for Christmas Eve.
  8. We play with grandma's wheelchair/walker when she's not using them.
  9. We sing loud.
  10. We sing off key.
  11. We dance down the hallway when we stay at hotels.
  12. We pretend to be embarrassed when our dad is overly friendly to waiters/waitresses.
  13. We avoid confrontation.
  14. We have the same nose (except Mandy).
  15. We're beach people.
  16. We're not handy (except Todd).
  17. We're fairly crafty.
  18. We do the dishes immediately after finishing dinner. We tend to let breakfast dishes linger.