1. Look through old list requests.
    Remember that a lack of inspiration is why you've never completed them before.
  2. Get sidetracked and read some of your really old lists, since you have to scroll back through the list editor to see your old list requests.
    Remember that you were once capable of generating original and sometimes funny lists. Consider updating an old one and throwing a basketball on the title. Abandon that idea because it definitely seems like cheating.
  3. Scroll so far down the list editor that you reach the automatically generated list of suggestions.
    Start one of these even though an app suggested list topic is probably not the sort of originality it takes to win contests. Abandon the attempt when it feels forced in bullet two.
  4. Spend a few minutes contemplating whether there is any new or original take you could do using your favorite subject: Hamilton.
    Realize you are incapable of drawing new conclusions in an area so already well explored by the lI.st community.
  5. Decide that being out of great li.st ideas is nothing if not relatable and attempt to chronicle your journey to the acceptance of that fact as your li.st March Madness entry.
    It's meta.