1. I feel sleek when I swim. Like a friggin' shark.
  2. I'm good at counting.
    Comes in useful when you have no other way to track your progress.
  3. I feel like I'm moving fast even when I'm moving slow.
    I get on the treadmill, and suddenly I'm next to some gal who is running like there's a dinosaur chasing us and she just has to be faster than me to survive. In the pool, even if there's other people in the lanes next to you, it's hard to compare speeds.
  4. It takes me back to my childhood.
    I spent the entire summer at the pool each year as a kid. I get a whiff of chlorine and turn a few flips, and I'm right back to being 9.
  5. When swimming, I don't feel like a sweaty beast who can only breathe via panting.
  6. It gives me time to think deep thoughts.
    No electronics in the pool = no distractions.
  7. It's easy to pick back up even when I haven't worked out in awhile.
    Yesterday was my first time working out in a very long time, yet I'm not at all sore today. Yay!
  8. After a swim workout comes the most satisfying pees of your life.