Things I Saw Today on a Walk Through Cambridge

  1. A Guy Fieri look alike
    This one is cheating because I saw him on the train before I got to Cambridge, but that hair deserves to be seen.
  2. An extremely purple house
  3. This cute bar where I had a first date once
  4. A very large number
  5. Some ominous clouds
  6. A confusing sign
    It's confusing because it's nowhere near Alewife.
  7. Another confusing sign
    Are the cars or the professionals Japanese?
  8. A house I liked
  9. A big church
  10. A sign for a cute little store
  11. A card I bought at the cute little store
  12. A chalkboard sign outside a bar
    Not shown: the liquor store I went to next and the beer I bought there