Things I Tried to Convince My Sister to Name Her Daughter

My sister had a baby last fall, so naturally I wanted to help choose the name. She mostly hated my suggestions.
  1. Erica
    Obvi the best name, no idea why she didn't like it.
  2. Marcella
    Hoping she wouldn't notice this is just a misspelled Game of Thrones character.
  3. Linda
    She rejected this on the grounds that it sounds like the name of someone our mom would be Facebook friends with, but then she put Evelyn on her short list which is ACTUALLY the name of someone our mom is Facebook friends with! So rude.
  4. Hannelore
    Rejected because she thought kids would call her daughter Hannah Whore.
  5. Ziba
    Potentially short for Hephzibah. She didn't even acknowledge this suggestion.
  6. Kaylor
    I never actually suggested this one because I realized I hate it.
  7. Renly
    Not even trying to hide the Game of Thrones references anymore.
  8. Cora
    The winner! This is what she named her baby.