Unhappy Animals in Costumes That Have Been My Profile Picture on Slack

At work, we use Slack to chat about work stuff or whatever, and every month, I change my profile photo to a seasonally appropriate dog or cat. My only criteria are that the animal must be wearing something silly and must look unhappy about it.
  1. November
    This dog was promised turkey and just found out it was a cruel lie.
  2. December
    This cat is plotting the murder of whoever put these antlers on him.
  3. January
    This dog is very cold and accepts her snood as a necessary evil.
  4. February
    This pug resents her human for being too cheap to just buy a card.
  5. March
    This dog is sad that you appropriated his culture as an excuse to get drunk.
  6. March, part 2
    This dog is having a birthday and contemplating her own mortality.
  7. April
    This dog's modelling career has left him feeling like he's only valued for his body.
  8. May
    This flower wants to make you understand that her feelings are as fragile as her petals.