Very Fluffy Dogs

  1. Pros: wrinkles. Cons: might be less fluffy and just fat.
  2. Pros: tiny head. Cons: front heavy.
  3. Pros: giant. Cons: shy (hides behind smaller dog).
  4. Pros: ears consumed by fluff. Cons: dirty?
  5. Pros: itty-bitty. Cons: might not be a real dog.
  6. Pros: multicolor. Cons: legs not fluffy.
  7. Pros: highest fluff to nose ratio. Cons: is a rabbit.
  8. Pros: fluff everywhere. Cons: white fluff stains easily.
  9. Pros: is named Fluffy. Cons: not fluffy.
  10. Pros: no ears! Cons: none, this is a great fluff.