= Older than God Himself
  1. Rolaids
    Which is odd because I've never used them and am not really even sure what they are for. Clearly not mine. Age- >20 years
  2. Old clear nail polish
    Also odd, because I do not recall ever doing my nails at the office. But I remember this brand, so likely mine. Age- >11 years
  3. 6 old disposable cameras.
    I remember one is from a visit with an out of town visiting friend from 12 years ago. I do not know what the others are and they frighten me. Glad no one develops film any more. Age- >12
  4. Tums.
    See #1. Age- >20
  5. Manual on how to use Windows.
    With a special handbook on using a mouse. Age- >Ancient
  6. 5 small rolls of ribbons in various colors.
    Why would this be in my work desk? Weird. Age- abt 10
  7. Address labels from 4 houses and 1 marriage ago
    Age- >18
  8. Business card of my deceased father's deceased business partner
    Age- >20