Me Versus Good Parents: Soccer Snacks

Inspired by @aknott21 Each parent was assigned a Saturday to bring snacks for the whole team.
  1. My week- Oreo cookies and apple juice in boxes.
    Kids were all gluten-free vegans who didn't eat processed foods or sugar. (That day.) Also, allergic to air. The one kid who could partake (mine) wanted to know where the ice was for his 16 juice boxes.
  2. Theirs- homemade ice cream in the kind you churn so it was actually Fun Ice Cream.
    Since I wanted to be Fun Ice Cream Mom, too, I went and got one of those for home. Kid comment: that ice cream is too hard to make. My arms get tired. Now I call it Workout Ice Cream, but all exercise points are instantly negated by ice cream consumption. Not a good plan.
  3. Theirs- rented a movie theater type popcorn maker AND a generator to power it. They had individual decorated popcorn cups for each kid bedazzled with their name and shirt number.
  4. Theirs- individually wrapped hot dogs on a carrying cart like you see at the baseball games.
  5. Theirs- personalized big environmentally-friendly water bottles with the team name, kid name, and shirt number. Filled with small individually wrapped healthy treats.
  6. Theirs- pizza delivered to the field at exactly the right time.