1. Was it easier to get over someone pre-social media when you didn't have a way to check what they are doing?
  2. Remember passing long notes between classes? That was old school social media. Literally.
  3. Hate the word literally. It is wrongly used as its opposite too often.
  4. I can never write "opposite" correctly the first time. And I can't type the word "eligibility".
  5. Is it "possum" or "opossum"?
  6. If I go to sleep RIGHT NOW I can get 7 hours. And if I can STAY asleep.
  7. Remember last night when I played Sudoku from 1am to 4am and then got to sleep for an entire 30 min? Good times...
  8. I can play expert Sudoku now, which is pretty cool for a 48-year-old.
  9. Oh please. I just want to sleep. No. More. Sudoku.
  10. Hey, Siri.
  11. Play.
  12. Sudoku.
  13. Sigh.