So many ... work in progress ... in no particular order
  1. Jerk yellowtail collar at Animal
  2. Bibim naengmyun at Yu Chun Chic
  3. Fried chicken sandwich at Son of a Gun
  4. Breakfast sandwich at GTA
  5. Har gow at China Red
  6. Shrimp and asparagus in chili at Szechuan Impression
  7. Fried chicken at Kokio
  8. Sicilian slice at Pizzanista
  9. Everything at Jon and Vinny's
  10. Oysters at Oyster Gourmet
  11. Sautéed broccoli at Din Tai Fung
  12. Shrimp wonton noodle soup at Noodle Boy
  13. Breakfast burrito at Lily's
  14. Strawberries from Harry's Berries
  15. Lettuce from "Garden of ..."
  16. Toasted coconut and almond ice cream at McConnell's
  17. Spicy Thai sausage at Sticky Rice
  18. Chicken tikka masala (extra spicy) at Al Watan
  19. Jerk chicken at Front Page