1. Zombies on their phones
    Current generation amirite
  2. Little girls pulling on each other's shirts
  3. Old woman eating soup
    She doesn't have any teeth
  4. Confused girl who doesn't know where she's going
  5. Screaming children
  6. Germaphobe guy in doctor's mask
  7. Woman staring off into space with coffee in hand
  8. Amish woman drinking orange juice
    I know if she were Amish she wouldn't be flying but she's a wannabe Amish
  9. Woman with bright pink hair
  10. A teenage boy reading a book??
  11. Old man sleeping in corner
  12. Dapper gentleman from the neck down.
    Why you ask? He's wearing a snapback 🙄
  13. Man double fisting Starbucks coffee
  14. Little girl watching the airplane
    She looks like Shirley Temple
  15. Teenager sagging his pants
    In 2017
  16. Woman drinking diet coke at 9 AM
  17. Kid who looks like he's ready to go camping
    But also carrying around a chihuahua
  18. Little girl who looks like the girl from poltergeist 😳
  19. Guy wearing dead memes
    STRAIGHT OUTTA <insert location>
  20. Someone reading a newspaper in 2017
    Granted she's old
  21. Girl who pulled shirt early is now mesmerized by the trash can
  22. Children that can't sit still
    Same children mesmerized by the trash can
  23. Flight attendant who looks like she's ready to kill someone
  24. Woman messing with boyfriend who's sleeping
    The guy is also wearing a Dragonball Z shirt has a ponytail and Jordans
  25. Old woman with a bit of pink dyed in her hair