10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time

I'm talking about real rap not weird Kanye like shit
  1. 10 Mystikal
    Mystikal's the shit man
  2. 9 Childish Gambino
    He is on a god like level listen to camp and you'll know what's up
  3. 8 Chance the rapper
    He lives up to his name he is a Rapper
  4. 7 NWA
    I know this is a rap group so it kinda doesn't count or else they'd be lower
  5. 6 Jay-z
    He'd be lower on the list but he cheated on Queen B
  6. 5 Kendrick Lamar
    To Pimp a Butterfly was an amazing album and the Grammy performance was spectacular
  7. 4 Drake
    Have you heard Jumpman?
  8. 3 Tupac Shakur
    Always remember
  9. 2 Kanye West
    Alright I lied but this won't happen again
  10. Honorable Mention
    Because he's white he's simply not as good as any one else on the list
  11. 1 Kanye West
    This motherfucker is amazing like oh my god Life of Pablo is the best rap album I've listened to while driving to work