Cleveland: City of Champions

On June 19, 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors to capture the city's first professional sports championship in 52 years. This is how my night went.
  1. There was a watch party outside of the Q.
    And anywhere with a tv.
  2. We were pumped.
  3. THEY WON!
    Which caused the city to go nuts!
  4. The streets were over-run with people.
    The happiest people you've ever seen.
  5. It didn't matter that I didn't know her.
    And all construction barrels became celebrations props.
  6. Lots of climbing.
  7. Even fire trucks were fair game*.
    *According to the city, they are not fair game and shouldn't be climbed.
  8. These cool bikes were out.
    With speakers blasting party music.
  9. Even the Terminal Tower celebrated.
  10. In the midst of setting a PR for high-fives in one night.
  11. Traffic laws no longer applied.
    Kids could enjoy a downtown drive from the roof of the van.
  12. Break lights? More like party lights!
  13. Every person was smiling, every hand was slapped, and every car horn was honked.
  14. The Championship Almost-Full Moon
  15. Just so, so, so happy.
  16. Just before going to sleep, hoping that it doesn't turn out to be a dream.
    It wasn't a dream. They really won.
  17. A few days later, Cleveland hosted a parade.