Cleveland: The Championship Parade

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Championship. On June 22, 2016, the city hosted a parade. An estimated 1.3 million people came to Cleveland for it. It was glorious.
  1. What most people don't realize is that parades suck.
    But *Championship* parades are fantastic.
  2. Cleveland has waited 52 years for a championship parade.
  3. I bought a special (expensive) hat to wear to the parade.
  4. And a second one, just in case.
  5. Pre-gaming with pizza!
    Those bottles don't have just pop in them. It's a celebration, after all.
  6. "Look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now!"
  7. Fans did not respect the implied boundary of the curb.
    We took over the entire street.
  8. Six mounted police can't clear 1.3 million Clevelanders from E. 9th Street.
  9. All we do is win!
  10. STIPE!
    Current UFC heavyweight champion of the world, Stipe Miocic, is a fire fighter in a Cleveland suburb. That sounds like a joke. It isn't.
  11. Confetti cannons!
  12. Calder Cup Champions, the Lake Erie Monsters.
    Minor league affiliate of the Columbus Blue Jackets.
  13. MGK!
    Clevelander and rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, climbing and rapping like a champ. CLE 'til I die!
  14. The confetti is star shaped!
  15. Jim Brown in the blue.
    52 years after he led the 1964 Browns to the title.
  16. Josh Cribbs
    Another great Cleveland Brown, but without the championships ... Or wins, really.
    Due to the parade route being taken over by fans, we are about 3.5 hours in at this point.
  18. The Architect!
  19. Coach Lue!
    They're not booing, they're saying, "Luuuuuuue!"
  20. JR!
    Champions don't wear shirts.
  21. More JR!
  22. One more, because JR is the coolest.
  23. Kyrie!
  24. Kyrie taking in the adulation!
  25. Wait, is that LeBron?!
  26. It is!
    Cleveland's Ultimate Warrior.
  27. MVP! MVP! MVP!
  28. Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye
    Not pictured: the bottle of Maker's Mark handed to them by a fan. Both took some well-deserved pulls.
  29. SHUMP!
    Hair is taller in-person.
  30. The Champ, Kevin Love!
  31. Droppin' dimes! Droppin' dimes!
  32. Delly!
    From Australia to Cleveland.
  33. Setting his own PR for high-fives.
  34. Mo!
    That nostalgia contract finally got him that ring in Cleveland!
  35. Confetti everywhere.
    Seeing the Cleveland streets lined with wine and gold star-shaped championship confetti is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
  36. Championship Parade > Every Other Parade.