Christmas is awesome
  1. Standing in my grandparents' kitchen devouring calamari
  2. The weather
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    I think I'm on board with global warming. 60° and sunny in NE Ohio this year.
  3. Joking with my uncle at the Christmas Eve dinner table
    We were both in good spirits and enjoyed making fun of ourselves and each other.
  4. Eating six fish and two crustaceans for Christmas Eve dinner
    Calamari, tuna, anchovies, salmon, cod, tilapia, crab (cakes), and shrimp.
  5. When I went to get a pop and saw that my grandparents had Diet Mountain Dew.
  6. Getting dressed for church
    And I looked good.
  7. Sharing shrimp, Doritos, and a cheeseball with the family after church
  8. "A Christmas Story"
  9. My grandmother crocheted an afghan blanket for me
    It's beautiful.
  10. Christmas breakfast
  11. Giving my parents the Bruce Springsteen tickets that my sister and I bought them.
    I get to go, too!
  12. Playing with my new selfie stick
    I hated how much I enjoyed it.
  13. When my uncle (and ex-boss) told me tripling his gross income required him to hire three people to do my old job
  14. Watching the SJP episode of "Billy on the Street"