Family members are interesting ...
  1. When my uncle said, "Ay-rahb."
  2. When my grandmother said she saw on Facebook a story where a customer was very offended by a cashier who said, "Merry Christmas," instead of, "Happy Holidays."
    "It's getting scary." -my grandmother.
  3. When my cousins' grandmother received a phone call in the living room and yelled out that everyone socializing were being too loud.
  4. When nobody was interested in the Irish Car Bombs my sister offered to make
    My recent ulcer prevented my participation.
  5. When my Aunt and Uncle gave me a gift card for $30
    I'm a 26-year-old self-sufficient college graduate who is earning a salary.
  6. When my aunt and uncle gave my grandfather a Kindle Fire
    My grandfather has never (ever) been on the Internet. He doesn't have an Amazon account. My aunt and uncle live out of state. They weren't present.
  7. When the deacon acknowledged the existence of cow pies in the manger of the Nativity scene
    He used the term "cow poo-poos" ... Twice.
  8. When the deacon's wife played an original song for the congregation after the sermon
  9. When my uncle (and ex-boss) told me his company has tripled its gross income in the 15 months since I left